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Here's why everyone needs a Home Standby Unit

Here’s Why Everyone Needs a Home Standby Unit

At the best of times, power outages are annoying inconveniences. At worst, they’re downright dangerous, leaving us without heat, light, and power for our essential appliances. Which means that a home standby unit isn’t just a nice-to-have — it’s an absolute must. Here’s why.

What does a home standby generator do?

Just like the name implies, a home standby generator is standing by, ready to kick into gear when the power goes out, providing your home with uninterrupted power. Just how much power depends on the kind of unit you invest in. Some people prefer a smaller unit for just the essentials around their home, while others go for a unit that can keep the whole house running, from the heating and major appliances right down to the lamps and light switches.

Advantages of a home standby unit

  • There’s no need to fuss with fuel

Unlike portable generators which have fuel tanks that need to be filled before use, a home standby generator connects right to your home’s propane or natural gas line, so you never need to worry about fueling up.


  • They run quieter than portable units

Home standby units are typically outfitted with noise insulation and weather-proofing that muffles any noise they generate, keeping you (and your neighbors) happy.


  • Ultimate peace of mind

More than ever, it’s important to be ready for anything. With a home standby generator unit, you can rest easy knowing that the lights will stay on, the fridge will stay cold, your phone will stay charged, and more.


Make sure you’re ready for anything with a home standby generator unit. Browse our selection of home standby generators, backup generators, and indoor generators.

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